Friday, July 22, 2011

at last

so what i've been doing recently..
apparently for my AD principle subject
we need to get ourselves REAL client
which means we can't just fake one out
and eventually we approached CHATIME
seriously.they are so nice
well i don't know about the rest yet since we only met two (Bryan and Howard)
but i believe they are like them :)
i never like nice people haha
i mean.we're just students.they can choose to ignore us
or just shove us away after giving what we need but no
they actually take heed of our ideas and all
both of them are pretty affable men too
i can only say that we're really lucky
and i hope we won't disappoint them
*this is the reason why i hate nice people
but everything's too soon to say
who knows they might like it :D
so for the past few weeks
it was really hectic
with all the pent-up stress in me
i don't even have time to unleash any franticness
yet the assignments are perpetual
whenever you think you're done and finally get to rest
some other assignments just have to come and throttle you to death
Lyn actually thought she might die due to fatiguability
actually i told my brother that i might literally burn-out and die too
haha sound stupid now but back there
truly thought so

after weeks of craziness
just have to emphasize it again
get to chill

initially planned to drink with the girls tonight
in the end we decided not to since it's only the 3 of us -___-
we went to the Taylor's lakeside campus!
the last time and was also our first time we went there (for Chatime)
we sat by the lake.relished the breeziness
and we love it so much that we decided to go there again!
bought some Chatime and went straight to the lake
we wallowed in the serenity and tranquility given by the atmosphere there
immersed ourselves in stillness
By just watching at the fishes and the lake shimmering in the sunlight
it somehow mollified every negative bits in us
nothing much need to be said
but yeah it never lasted
we were laughing so loud that Nad's friend
from the other side of the lake could hear us
laughing.sharing.fooling around like kids
those were the moments :)
and of course not to forget
*drum roll*
as for super woman came to town~~
lol i'm so lame
anyway it's Lyn while waiting for her drink
so cute
it's a really big mirror.we just have to...
i don't like this picture >( and the girls know why :P
hehe.epic <3
lol.all sorts of pictures that we took
just before we left
haha lyn actually directed their pose
the wind was a total nuisance!
''dark'' face
let's end this with a more pleasant picture shall we ? :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


my blog's rejuvenated!
no you think?
well at least i like it better :P
i'm getting more and more fastidious about typo now
is it good..?


my blog rejuvenates while i get sick
.___. not fair
it was quite an abruptness
i was trying to sleep last night
and out of no where.i started sneezing
just like that and i can tell it's getting worse
i can barely feel my nose now :<
also i started coughing
like 'wow~where did that come from ??'
drinking this.
i'll be fine.
most probably by..tomorrow?
all i need is just some sleep..
*a lot* of sleep :P

- -

i've been watching quite some movies recently
to be honest
Transformer 3 didn't really impress me
i know whole lot of people think that it's extremely impressive
i do think so too
well.the visual effects and 3D action sequences are awesome
its impeccable and unassailable i far
but everyone knows that
people were already expecting to see that from the movie
but the story wise.script and so forth
it's rather sedate
it is touching for some scenarios
i cried too..haha how's this a complement to it
i was expecting much more impact from it
but still!
again with great emphasis.
the visual effects are undeniably spanking
especially if you're in digital animation
and yet have not watch it
get your booty out there in the cinema and watch it now!
i bet you'll be goggling at the big screen
and be 109% impressed :)

' * '
other than that i watched PS i love you and Dear John

i know it had been quite some time already
but hey -___- i just got it haha
and guess what
are like plotted to dehydrate me
you have no idea how much i wept!
it was crazy
i mean i was crazy
for PS I Love You
i literally cried throughout the whole movie
that stupid cake the husband delivered
aroused my tear gland and it just wouldn't stop since!
-____- even i disdain myself for crying so much
oh.and the Irish guys in the movie are so cute!
their accent and all.i wonder if all Irish are like them :D
for Dear John.
i actually cried more after.the movie
- 'what?' -
yeah.and it's his DAD that made me weep
wasn't feeling much about their romance
isn't he charming?? hahaa

why did i cry?
it sounds absolutely ridiculous and silly
but it's because i'm fear of death
not my own death
but the people's around me
i can tell now.with firm
that the thing i fear most
is death
yea cockroach's no.2
Guess what
it's always been a pent-up fear in me
since young.and i didn't know until after this movie
i somehow recalled.when i was still a kid
i had this nightmare-
my mum was taken away from me
and the next thing i remember is me
toddling down the stairs in 40km/h
that's super fast for a kid
burst into fresh flood of tears
and charged straight into my mama's arm
entreated them not to leave me
i remembered my mum laughed ._.
she and my dad said they wont
or did they say they'll someday be gone?
either way.
i grew
they grew
i'm no more a naive little girl who knows nothing about death

i hate the feeling of knowing that it's a eternity loss
i hate that there's no ctrl-Z for it
i hate that there's no forewarning for it and even if there is
i still hate it
ok enough of i's just silly

i'm reading Dear John now and it's really different from the movie
i like reading it
better than reading '5 people in heaven' definitely ><

but why Dear John all of a sudden
it's actually for an assignment :P
typo : redesign a book skin :D

i am so doing Dear John but the self-photography part it's a nuisance
where can get my object!
i know photography is fun but
i wanted 2 bullets and that peculiar coin in that movie! you see me?..
-____- imma sort things out :)

LOL i thought this is going to be a short post cause i had no idea what to share
but now ..oops :P
why do old people nag all the time?
i'm so irritated by my grandma
yup she just nagged me
she repeats the same old thing
i always wanted to say
'OK! I GET IT ALREADY''s better to just shut up and save some respect for the elderly
i love my grandma
but does anyone know WHY MUST THEY REPEAT??
like again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
@_@ just curious
nights :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

walking cat

finally i got myself some pictures
but not much :P
*the look of mine
i'm still myself
the usual perky self
and like i said
we're suppose to show the essences
of BUBBLY right?><
BRIGHT i might not be fair but im bright im telling you yo :P
CHARMING well im not charming i know
YOUTHFUL i cant be too old for my age :D
yeah literally still laughing
BUT i was in style yo~
right yo..?

and then..
'the challenge'
yea something more to what we usually see
trying to be chic.nifty
and to capture a tad subtle sense of sexiness of a vixen
but obviously
I FAIL .___.
look at that enigmatic expression
was i trying to laugh??
who knows..i'm baffled myself
and look at this girl below
if i ever see this girl on the street i would have smack her..
look at her odious.repulsive face
i have aversion to faces like this man's my face man T___T
do not be deceived :< me no swine
luckily.that's a picture more like it :D
i could feel the wind~~~

I just got back from the cinema
yea i know i'm way off topic
Green Lantern :D
told you i'll watch it by this week heee
was expecting more action scenes though
maybe it's a tad plodding
well.for people like me who knows nothing about these comic stories
was kinda anticipating more from it
but i like their lesson of the story
do not FEAR
the power of will is > than fear
don't just walk away from fear
be courageous and defeat the stupid fear
the Parallax...:P
did you notice that i just ended 4 sentences with the word fear? :P
anyway,overall i still like it
just not as much as X-men :D
Dark of the moon
i've bought the tix already! ><
cause i just got a woman's first C!
watching it on the day it release!
perfect seats for a movie like it! :D
can't wait!

might be.most probably.will be
meeting with the marketing people from Starbucks tomorrow
i mean later
decided to design an Ad campaign for them
hope everything goes well
hmm.IT WILL!

nights my loves :D
i'm a bit cheesy tonight don't you think so?
it's the moon

Sunday, June 26, 2011


entire new look again..
but pretty contradicting
i mean the design..
i don't know...never mind -____-

i mean
it's been a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time
since i last updated
i know
i was..quite caught up with some..stuffs
and also the massive amount of assignments..
ok maybe i'm exaggerating on that
but i gave all my time to my assignments that's true
and facebook..and twitter...and youtube...

i have a life..ngehe
so i still did hang out with my buddies and also joined
something FUN :D
so i'm foretelling you that this is quite a long post :)

i came out with a new sem resolution for myself
LOL that is never
yes when i say never it doesn't mean sometimes
or does it ? -____-
anyway.THAT IS
never let assignments intrude into my life
...but practically it already encroached my life..
anyway what i'm trying to say is
i will not let my assignments take away my leisure
when i want to hang out or enjoy my life
i shall
with terms and conditions applied
do you know that SNOW FLAKE did some changes to their menu?!
for all 'JAPAN!combo' lovers like me.
it''s no more longer available...
i's just the bomb there..
but there's no need to mourn peeps..
stay strong! as they came out with this new SENSATIONS
it's yumyum too! :D

we tried soya sensation and sesame sensation
i think all Japan!combo lovers will like soya sensation
cause it's virtually like Japan!combo
except for the toppings haha :P
i miss the matcha balls... :<
but their new sesame balls are nice too! :D
so it kinda balance off? :P
it's peanut flavor ice!
and guess what
we're lucky enough to be there on the 21st of June
sadly.jul and serena wasn't eating much -__-
and eventually we sensation...
But serena ate all the sesame balls! -_-
i wanted that :<
you see.that's how nice it is

other than having fun with RGBW and photographer
if you know who are they :P
dinner at Asia Cafe
something we learnt from Creative Thinking
-___- guys....
..yea we were having much fun there....

assignments was pretty entertaining too
i enjoyed doing it
especially typo
i designed an invitation card
based on Mist Club's BLOW night
did two different designs
scarcely the same
love the second one way more
here's it
and somehow i find this pretty cool too
erm yea you can't really see this -__-
and for AD principles
we were asked to design a print ad
me and Nad did M&Ms
after doing this i love my tablet even more
i made a wonderful decision for getting it :D
drew it all by photoshop..
and dang i was so stupid
illustrator can be way faster -__________-
i love Nad's idea though
targeted young adults like us
you know you want it~~ <3
don't you just love m&ms

what's next ?
not done yet
i'm designing a strawberry jam packaging~ :D
looking forward for the outcome
my dad consented himself a 2 weeks leave
-___- why am i telling this?
haha cause he's been quite random
we went to the cinema twice
during midnight
a never before with my dad
watched Kungfu Panda 2 and Super 8
both awesome!!!! :D
kungfupanda2 made me weep :<
it's way better than 1
and baby panda ISH SHO CUTE
look at him!
adorable ttm! :D

and Super8
awesome acting from the kids
tremendous effects
amazing scenario of the late 70's (approx.)
touching ending yes i cried too ><
that's just DOPE
a thumbs up for Steven Spielburg man
he's the one directed for Jurassic Park

so what's next on my movie list
Green Lantern.i know.i better watch it by..this week :P
TRANSFORMER! on the day it release :D
and also Captain America

i wonder if any of you noticed
about me mentioning that i did something fun
for twice
last friday
i did something really fun
and never before in my life
it was such a pleasure
until i recall back later with lyn about what we did
ohmygoody it was sheer embarrassment
what was i thinking back there..
i don't know....
anyway i'm over it already
still it's an enjoying experience
LOL enough of suspense for those who have
completely no idea about what i'm talking about
you see
i entered a model search competition
organized by Liselle in collaboration with Serene Music Academy
audition was on Friday
and for audition.we need to do a catwalk and some posing
i'm so glad that i'm the last among us 4
cause 3 of them gave me so much courage
and they completely loosen up my shoulder
i wasn't constraining myself at all but on the contrary
i enjoyed it with much fun! :D
thanks NAD LYN JUL!
you guys DID GREAT
before we left jul's place

however ....
during the brief with Lisa (creator of Liselle and also once my lec)
she told us the key of the catwalk is
to show the essence of :
and YOUTHFUL who will be prepared for some SEXY CHIC walk?
well at least i'm not!
and they 'challenged' me for one..
that.was my sheer embarrassment
imagine me twisting and curling my hips
and my body
into some weird trying-to-be-sexy- shape was all captured on cam...
i feel like digging myself a hole..
and you know what's WORST?! mates..were all there
i tarnished my rep with my own...body

..what done is done..fine
just saw some pictures took by Van on that day
...why must everything from that day look terrible for me
but <3 Van
for doing this for me :)
ALIGATO! it means thanks..right?
allow me to be random cause i so randomly took a pic today
and randomly happened to find out that i look anorexic in this random pic :P
i'm influenced by manj -__-
does it?
or am i the only one who thinks so?
let's end this post with a nicer picture haha
it was her 19th birthday :)

nights everyone :)
without realising
it's 1.23 a.m.
sweet dreams..
tomorrow's a great day :>